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Vuvuzela-zabulani-FIFA 2010 0

Vuvuzela-zabulani-FIFA 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth kicks off on June 11 at wonderful Soccer City stadium,with buzz of ‘VUVUZELA’ Irritating but yet popular sound,and controversial ‘ZABULANI’ which some times surprises shot-stopper so some times it...

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Awaiting the kick-off

On June 11th, begins the most watched sports event in the world, Football World Cup 2010. If you are someone like me, you might be impatiently counting the days running up to June 11th....

Battle of ‘REDS’ 0

Battle of ‘REDS’

Every season there are minimum of 6 ties in what we see battle of REDS(apart from champions league and FA cup and Carling Cup).As this is fifth match between 2 of 3 REDS as...