Arsenal Have Dug A Gold Mine – What Will They Do With The Gold Now?

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  1. aadi says:

    I really cant understand why everyone is behind arsenal…
    Everyone says last season was the worst season of arsenal yet we were in the top four of the champions league , carling cup semis, fa cup semis..not giving an excuse
    but except Man U ,what has liverpool done last year…no one is talkn about them….buying players is not the solution..real madrid is not able to reach in the top 8 for the last five years…money cant buy success…..
    in wenger i trust..gunners for life…

  2. joey says:

    for once I would agree with aadi .. poore blokes the gooners are , but the pool are ever poorer.

  3. Simon says:

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  4. Football Mantra says:

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  14. David, we will miss you at the World Cup

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